Angthong National Marine Park


Day trip from Koh Samui to Angthong National Park.

© Copyright on all photographs – Allan Rufus

Our boat to the National park

Fishing boat going out of harbour

Perparing the nets

Front of boat

Phil after a heavy night parting - sleeping on the way to the islands


Islands in National Marine Park

Off loading onto a smaller boat to get to the beach

Our boat


Outboard motor with long reach behind boat

Get ready for a beach landing

Everyone off

Into the water

Beach landing Mue Koh Angthong Natioanal Park

Going canoeing around the island in the back ground

About to go on a steep climb - if only I knew before hand lol

Pant pant up we go

View from 1st stop

1st stop - feeling hot and panting alot

Our boat in the distance

Up and up we go panting

Getting higher

Nearly at the top puff and panting all the way

Finally at the top

Hot and very sweaty - but worth the climb for this view

Now for the rapid decent for lunch

Back on the beach

Back on small boats heading off to lunch on big boat

Another part on the Marine Park after lunch

View of our boat and other islands

Fresh water lake surrounded by the ocean

leaving the island

Cliff overhang

As we head back to our boat and back to Koh Samui a good time was had by all of us in this stunning location. So glad I made the trip.
Loads more to come, please join me along my journey….


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6 Responses to Angthong National Marine Park

  1. Great Pics. Thanks for sharing it with us. Such a beautiful place is Angthong National Marine Park.

  2. Valentine says:

    Love your photos – Thailand is fantastic … eat lots of street food for me : ) Enjoy and keep posting.

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