Time to go to Bangkok


Trip from Koh Samui to Bangkok

© Copyright on all photographs – Allan Rufus

Taxi drops me off at port to catch ferry to the main land.


My ferry pulling in to harbour to pick us up to take to the main land


Some one has been here before me lol


Bye Koh Samui, Thanks for a great time


Inside the ferry - to get away from the heat outside


Hiding from the sun


Farangs catching the ferry


Find a spot and sit


Mad rush off the ferry


Everyone offPort of Donsak


Port of Donsak


Getting ready for a long bus ride, which turn out not that comfortable arriving 4.30 in the


Loads more to come, please join me along my journey….


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7 Responses to Time to go to Bangkok

  1. These pics are so nice. I loved it and Bangkok is great place for holidays. Thanks for sharing.

  2. toemailer says:

    Very nice shots! The foot one would make a cool toemail! 🙂

  3. Oxfordcollar says:

    Ahh so jealous. Makes me want to go traveling again. Great shots!

    • Thanks, yes the travel bug is hard to get rid of. I have been travelling now since 1993….. Thanks for taking the time to look at my journey and there is loads more to come so stay tuned. Kind regards.


  4. Bangkok is one of my best place..i never visit their but its my dream to go their…Really like your post

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