© Copyright on all photographs – Allan Rufus

Wat Saket Ratcha Wora Maha Wihan (Golden Mountain Temple)

Monk walking up the many stairs
Centre piece of Golden Mountain
Up the many stairs to the top
Banging the gongs and ringing the bells

Back into the tuk tuk to more Temples…

Another Temple in Bangkok

Lying Buddha
Buddha head
7 Cobras protecting Buddha
I see you
Golden Buddha Old Man
Night traffic
Dried fish!
Chicken inners!
Chicken feet!
Sheep Head!
I guess these piggys made it to the market
All things hot!
Chilli eating cockatiel
Ckilli fish –hooooot
Excellent band

Play those strings


Tuk Tuk around Bangkok

 Loads more to come, please join me along my journey….


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