“Your comment to the world”

“Come and play in the cosmic flow, and open your wings and halo and fill your star self up with rainbow light and be light hearted to fly fly fly” AllanRufus

“Your comment to the world”

“If you were given a place to write something that the world could read, what would you write!”

Add positively to the jigsaw of consciousness we call life, as we become closer to becoming 1 – The Human Race! (Hue = colour)

Add your comment below in the comment area!

Thanks and have a blessed day 🙂


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For Personal Development - Spiritual and Personal Growth. Inspire your self and become your OWN Life Coach. You are the Master of your own reality, and how you think makes a HUGE difference in the outcome of your life. "Your inner strength is your outer foundation" Allan Rufus Know Thy Self. www.allanrufus.org for Personal and Spiritual Growth Books.
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1 Response to “Your comment to the world”

  1. Zen says:

    Oh that’s more difficult than I thought it would be… one may have many nice things to share, but when put in such a position, they’d have to make sure what they have to sound is profound and meaningful. Currently all I can think of is “Chocolate is the answer to everything” because I’m currently eating some, haha.

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